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The Brothers In The Kitchen 

You may be wondering who is responsible for the delicious display in our prepared foods department. The dishes you see in both the hot and cold counters are made in house in Greco's Kitchen and we've got two brothers bringing their best to the table. Here's a bit more on them and if you have any foodie questions at all these guys are here to help :) 



Creating new delicious dishes to customizing menus for customer functions is what the Concord Food Centers brother tag team of Chefs are here to do. Chef Michael and Chef Robert's extensive experience in the food business goes back to a very young age. They've studied at Toronto's elite culinary schools, gained international experience, and went on to run their own restaurant and bake shop. For the last 2 years these brothers have brought their talents to Greco's Kitchen whipping up a storm of custom, healthy and elegantly prepared meals. 

The brothers use their experience to make a variety of homemade pasta, sauces, salads and a large variety of side entrees. Their veal, chicken, beef and fish dishes are all prepared with European inspiration, and North American flare. "Our Taste Of Home" has plenty of healthy, balanced food choices that will cater to those with dietary restrictions. With both brothers having to do their cooking at home with a little more awareness for their families because of diabetic concerns, their knowledge just doesn't stop at making mouth watering meals.

Feel free to stop by Greco's Kitchen and introduce yourself, the dynamic duo is always on hand for all your catering, corporate and special occasion functions. 

Check out what these brothers are making for their families this holiday season: A Recipe From Greco's Kitchen 





Why The Obesity Epidemic?

Who doesn’t have extra body fat they’d be happy to get rid of? Let’s be serious. North America’s population isn’t overweight, it's “overfat”.  

Here’s the problem:

- Our modern day society no longer needs its survival mechanism which naturally wants to fatten us up during seasons of abundant food and to lean us down during periods of scarce food  

- Food is always in abundance now; we have grocery stores, open all year round, with shelves full of easily storable calories

- Calories are coming from processed carbohydrates which ultimately produce body fat

- Our bodies are programmed to continuously store calories as body fat especially when we reduce our caloric intake 

What Not To Do

´     Eat less

´     Stress Out

´     Exercise more

What You Can Do

- Shut down our survival mechanism by eating calories we cannot store from whole foods, fats, proteins and slow releasing carbohydrates

- Educate ourselves so we don't pass false information onto our children and generations to come 

- Download our 4TLOF’S Food Lover App for FREE and start balancing


Visit us at 4 the Luv Of Food to find out more